Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Loving

I am loving Summer! Sunflowers! Sunshowers oh my! These willow seam flare jeans are so fun and oh so flattering on your bum! Also, the strappy back bra by Free People is perfect for all of your favorite summer tops, show your straps! xoxo HoneyGem

Do you Romper?

This walk to the beach romper by Free People is one of my favorite Summer pieces. I paired it with a caged front strappy bra and sandals. I love the color pop with the romper. It is so comfortable and it perfect to throw on and head out for the day! xoxo HoneyGem

Lace and leather are my favorites forever

I absolutely adore this lace maxi by Free People. The lace is beautiful yet sturdy, intricate yet delicate. It is a stunning dress. Pair it with a strappy bra and boots and look out! If you wear it out on a date it is a show stopper.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Crimson Storm

Lately I have been loving all things red, from rose quartz to ruby and every delicious shade in between. I decided to collect a few of my favorite crimson gems to share with you.

I wore this Peekaboo Lace Slip from Free People for Valentines day this year and it was magnificent. The color and the lace were perfect, paired with a pair of Erica M. tights the combination was killer.

The amazing Pandeia Compass Sundial Cuff is beautiful work of art, Pandeia compass sundial watches are made with love and aloha in a jungle shack on Maui. Stay true, be strong and always follow your inner compass.

Now the red leather jacket. Leather makes enough of a statement but when you move beyond the classic brown and black leather there is so much fun to be had! I went with the Indio Red Leather Jacket from Lucky Brand and picked up the Del Rey Fold-Over purse and I absolutely love them!

How can you not love the Chilli Painted Suede jacket from Free People? It speaks for itself.

The ring is one of my new favorites. Handcrafted double finger metal butterfly ring by Bora with two  Rough Ruby Stone embellishments.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Queen of Hearts

Valentine's day has always been a favorite of mine. I especially loved picking out the Lisa Frank Valentine's for all my classmates in elementary school. Even though I was not feeling 100% I still wanted to get all dressed up!

Dress: By Maurie & Eve at Free People
Jacket: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Novo Beads
The sword ring by Han Cholo is VERY sharp but tons of fun to wear when all you need to do is sip an amazing cocktail.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Ring Obesession

Sometimes when I go out and about people stop me to inquire about my interesting rings and ask where I got them. I have a passion for dangerous rings, so I decided it would be a good idea to put my current obsessions here.  These are a few of my favorite rings... enjoy! xoxo HoneyGem

Cocktail Sword Ring by Han Cholo
 This one is extremely sharp!
Stag Amulet Ring by Spell and the Gypsy
My own photo

My own photo. Horus ring with coral and mother of pearl by Third Generation Jewelers 
Silver Bow and Arrow Ring by Rabid Fox

Sterling Silver Whitetail Deer Antler Ring by Moon Raven Designs

Silver Unicorn Ring by Rabid Fox

 Large Prism Ring by Unearthen

Mini Prism Ring by Unearthen

The Last Stand Phoenix Stack Ring by Spell and the Gypsy
The Luna Stack Ring by Spell and the Gypsy

My own photo from my previous post Warrior Road

My own photo