Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ring Pop

I love wearing huge, chunky rings. I don't care if they physically incumber my ability to do things. I decided to make a post about some of my favorite rings. We all love rocking an awesome cocktail ring but instead of rings with lots of little synthetic stones, I prefer one giant, honking crystal chunker. Crystals carry special energies and I love the way they feel, especially when layered together.

The Crystal Visions Feather Ring by Spell and the Gypsy is one of my favorites, I wear them all the time.

Charles Albert Sterling Silver Amethyst Skull Ring

This is an incredible ring called the Lunar Ring by Rejoice the Hands

The giant solid carved quartz ring came from an awesome antique shop in Columbus, Ohio. Remember, when you buy crystals it is very important to cleanse them and their energies before wearing them. It can be done with sage smoke or holding them and envisioning waves washing over them.

I just ordered two new Spell and the Gypsy rings, I am so excited!

and the Luna Stack Ring in silver, I cannot wait to rock them!

Pics from 'Cool on your Island'
Photographer Beck Rocchi
Model Shayna Lamb

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