Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hello world, we need to talk about Shadowplaynyc.

Galaxy inspired clothing and scarfs. Space is amazing. I often find myself captivated by photos of outer space, one could spend hours or a lifetime marveling at the stars and pondering the nature of the universe. I find it amazing that some people believe that the vast multiverse and the billions upon billions of light years between galaxies, all the space dust from exploding stars, and even this beautiful planet we call home is just for us. How egocentric do you have to be to believe that? I find it humbling. I look up to the nights sky and think to myself, I am looking at light that took millions of years to get here... what I am seeing might not even exist anymore. You can look into the universe and see time and space in a different way.

Space is awesome. I think we all can agree. So are these scarves. They are 100% organic cotton jersey, very soft knit tubular circle scarf, featuring a real image taken by the Hubble Telescope.

Eagle Nebula Infinity Scarf

Orion Nebula

Galaxy Circle Scarf, Small Magellanic Cloud Nebula


Tarantula Nebula Circle Scarf

The Sagan Space Scarf

             Crimson Galaxy Circle Scarf

Mars Curiosity Scarf

Mystic Mountain Nebula Scarf

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