Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rejoice the Hands

 My current favorite jewelry designer is Ana Saldana aka Rejoice the Hands. Her work is beautiful. All credit for awesomeness is all hers.

Rejoice the Hands vision is to produce jewelry that gives the impression of having been created in a different time, for the jewels to appear as if they were discovered in lost burial grounds, or dug deep from within a tomb.

Drawing from her own Aztec roots, Rejoice the Hands designer, Ana Saldana creates everlasting culturally inspired pieces to keep you internally united with Father Sky and Mother Earth.

My personal favorite. The Lunar Ring It also come in brass with opal

The Mars Orbit Ring

Acid Rain Necklace

The cosmic naja

The Nibiru Slave Bracelet

The Floral Moon Ring

Crystal Totem Ring

Warrior Arrowhead ring

Bear Claw Ring

Sky Warrior Naja

I adore the Sky Warrior Naja. It was featured in the Planet Blue lookbook Gimme Shelter.


  1. These are beautiful! Thanks so much for showing Ana Saldana designs as I have never heard of her before and she wont be forgotten now. I love the colours she uses as they are very mesmirising. I love your blog and am now following you. Check mine out some time x

  2. I love all these designs! The colours she uses are so mystical and are so inspiring. I love you blog and I am now following you. Check out mine if you have some time xx