Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tessa Rand Creations

 Empowering Jewelry for the Individual
Tessa Rand is and forever will be one of my favorite jewelry artists. Her work is incredible. I am lucky enough to own the Pixie Princess key, I love it. It has rose quartz and aquamarine (my birthstone) She also made it while she was pregnant so it has some super special goddess energy. I wear it all the time.

Tessa Rand is a self taught jewelry artist and metalsmith who works out of the Sunshine Coast, BC.
She is best known for creating crystal keys and symbolic pieces of jewelry.
She will do custom pieces as well as offer classes for those interested in learning.
Many of these pictured are for sale, sold, or custom commissions. All photos belong to Tessa.
Full Moon Magic Key
Made entirely on the full moon
Silver, moonstone aquamarine

Key to the Mer Kingdom

Custom Key
Silver, Brass and moonston

Key to the Garden

Rutile Dragonflly

Key to the Wizards Library

The Ghost Key
Grey Sapphire, phantom quartz, tourmaline and Tibetan scepter amethyst

Sparkle Pony Key    

Custom commission of Kelsey Faery
Silver, gold, rose quartz, clear quartz, satyaloka, scepter amethyst.

Dark Rainbow key
Silver, labradorite, kootenay quartz

Key to the Princess Tower
Silver, moonstone, amethyst, quartz

The Mermaids Treasure
Silver, pearl, blue tourmaline

Key to the Moon
Silver, moonstone, kootenay quartz

The Faery Princess Key
Silver, rose quartz, amethyst, aquamarine

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